3M Precise Staple Remover

Disposable skin staple removers designed to provide fast and easy removal of all brands of surgical skin staples. Available in two styles, regular and scissors-style, to meet individual preferences.


SureLine Staple Gun Refill Cartridge

To be used with the Sureline skin staple handle. The disposable staple cartridge comes loaded with 35-W stainless steel skin staples. It also includes a printed staple counter so you know how many staples you have left.


SureLine Staple Gun

Reloadable skin stapler with rotating head offers maximum visibility at the delivery point. Handle is reusable and autoclavable. This handle includes 35 W staples. Order the Sureline Staple Gun.



Our neoprene collapsible koozie fits snuggly over any standard 12 oz can.  Keep your beverage cool and dry.  Available in blue, it features the Texas Lacy Game Dog Association on one side.


Drawstring Bag

Our red polyester drawstring bag is perfect for any hunting trip.  It makes for a great first aid bag.  This bag measures 13.5 inches by 18 inches and features the Texas Lacy Game Dog Association screen-printed on one side. White strings.